What is Bitswis?

Bitswis is a legit and paying URL shortener site earn money by shortening and sharing links online. We offer some good features like any other URL shorteners like daily and monthly payments, quick supports, multiple tools, quick sign up options etc. 

How much revenue you can make with Bitswis?

Our cpm is depending on many factors like visitors country and number of clicks etc. if you have lots of traffic from tier 1 countries (US, UK, CA, AU etc.) then you will earn lots of money very quickly. Currently, we pay up to $15 per 1000 visits. 

Clicksfly.com Payment options

We pay all our users using Bitcoin, Paypal, Paytm, UPI etc. and we pay on daily basis and monthly basis for all our users without delay. Good thing our Bitswis is its minimum payment threshold limit is only $3 to withdraw your earnings. 

Live Stats Report

Clicksfly offers live or real time stats reporting system to check our user's earnings or their sites performance quickly. It shows date, daily earnings, graph, referral earnings, hour, year etc. If you are an advertiser then you can check your campaign report very easily. 

Tools offered by Bitswis to users

Clicksfly offers 5 best tools to boost users earnings quickly which are, Full page Script, Quick link, Mass shrinker, Bookmarklet and Developers API. 

How to Make Money from Clicksfly quickly?

You can make money without any technical knowledge with Bitswis, now I will give you some simple steps to earn some revenue. Just short any download related content link with clicks fly and place it with your youtube video description or add it to your website or post it on facebook. Daily Malians of online users visits facebook or youtube or any social media sites so, if you utilize this kind of traffic then you will become rich very quickly. 

How to Join

if you are looking to sing up with Bitswis then click on below join button to join very quickly by filling some simple details.  

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